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So, you want to get better at poker? You are committed to this and you are prepared to spend time on it. You ask advice and what do people tell you? Probably something along the lines of “just keep working on it and you’ll get there.”

This is wrong. “Just working on it” will not help you. Randomly analysing hands, watching poker on TV or vaguely looking at equity equations won’t cut it. The only approach that will work is the right sort of practice based on a relatively new area of psychological investigation – the science of expertise.

This book identifies precisely what this “right sort of practice” entails. It is based around what has become known as purposeful practice. Purposeful practice is the gold standard for anyone who wishes to take full advantage of the remarkable adaptability of the human brain and is the fast track route to improving your poker skills.

This book will give you:

  • A clear theoretical understanding of the science of purposeful practice
  • Numerous techniques by which this can be adapted to improvement at poker
  • Specific exercises designed to create an infallible Plan for Poker Improvement

Having worked with both Dr. Cardner and Gareth James in the past, it’s no surprise to me that they have dedicated the time and detail necessary to address a huge challenge which plagues most learners: focused study. Dr. Cardner is an expert in understanding the psychology of learning practices and the common resistance points that most encounter. Gareth is incredibly well versed on the mathematical models which govern the game of poker. Together I have no doubt they have created an incredible learning tool in Purposeful Practice for Poker.

Matt Berkey, High Stakes Poker Pro & Owner of Solve For Why

There’s no shortage of poker strategy books focusing on technical improvements. What there is a shortage of is books that focus on how to study poker to maximize your learning. This book combines the expertise of two of the people best qualified to plug that gap. Tricia Cardner has a wealth of experience and expertise in performance psychology, while Gareth James has a wealth of experience coaching players of all levels and devising and guiding them through practical learning programmers designed to optimize their learning.

Dara O'Kearney, Professional Poker Player

Dr. Tricia Cardner & Gareth James have produced another amazing work to help poker players better not only their poker skills, but their life skills. It is well known that the best poker players are the best at studying the game away from the table and then flawlessly implementing the skills they learn at the table. If you want to learn how to learn, think and play like the best players in the world, this book is for you.

Jonathan Little