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The Pursuit of Poker Success - audio

22/07/2018 by D&B Poker

Lance will be going into the studio in August to record the audio version of his book. Final version should be ready for sale in September.


Excelling at Live Poker renamed

06/06/2018 by D&B Poker

Alexander Fitzgerald’s forthcoming book has been renamed. It will now be called “Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes

The publication date remains the same and we’re on track for it to be published in September.


The Pursuit of Poker Success - publishing very, very soon

31/05/2018 by D&B Poker

Physical copies of THE PURSUIT OF POKER SUCCESS are in the US warehouse and have begin to ship out to retailers.

Official publication date is 7th June and the ebook will publish at that time also.


The Poker Brat Golden Ticket tournament

21/05/2018 by D&B Poker

Phil hosted the Poker Brat Golden Ticket winners at The Aria.

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