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Alex is in the recording studio

13/12/2018 by D&B Poker

Alex Fitzgerald is currently recording the audio version of Exploitative Play in Live Poker

IMG 4572

Once it’s been edited and all post-production carried out we’ll upload it to audible. It will be available before the end of the year.


Chris Moorman discusses his books and more on the PokerNews podcast

09/12/2018 by D&B Poker

PokerNews Podcast

Screen Shot 2018 12 08 at 22.50.29


Alex introduces his new book

13/11/2018 by D&B Poker

Exploitative Play in Live Poker


Exploitative Play in Live Poker - ebook and paperback now available

12/11/2018 by D&B Poker

Exploitative Play in Live Poker by Alex Fitzgerald ebook is now available for download on our website. (you’ll receive epub, kindle and pdf versions). You can also order the paperback version.