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Mastering Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha going to print

10/07/2020 by D&B Poker

This will be going to print on monday. Hurrah!



The Myth of Poker Talent Super Pack - Only $59 for two more days

07/07/2020 by D&B Poker

There’s just under two days left to get Alex’s new training pack for just $59! After that, this package will be $199.

For those of you who just want some free content though…

Alex has a new FREE training video out. And it’s not on Youtube. You can check it out here

For instructions on how to watch FREE Gumroad Training videos, click here

Screen Shot 2020 07 07 at 15.14.40


3 days left in our $500 book and video giveaway

01/07/2020 by D&B Poker

Screen Shot 2020 07 01 at 10.27.14


Jonathan Little records an introduction to his new book

24/06/2020 by D&B Poker



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