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Consider all lines

D&B Poker | 29 January 2016 |

I recently completed the video version of Moorman’s Book of Poker. This is a collection of 80 hands I played in various tournaments where Chris Moorman critiques my play and identifies situations where my plays and thought processes are in need of improvement. Believe me, there are plenty of them and the book and video are great tools for improving your No Limit tournament play.

Most of the time, the improvements Chris comes up with involve tweaking my play: typically finding more accurate bet and raise sizes to manipulate the stack-to-pot ratio. Although he finds ideas which improve my play in virtually every hand in the book, there aren’t that many occasions where he comes up with a completely different line that I didn’t even think of. The following hand is an exception.

Playing off a 17BB stack nine-handed I minraise Adiamond-9diamond from four off the button and get called by the player in the hijack who has me covered but is himself covered by the players behind. Everyone else folds and the flop comes Jclub-9club-2spade. I have a stack of approximately $18K and the pot is $7,680. Clearly I am never folding here. However, I didn’t like betting about half-pot because if he pushes I will be in a tough spot, probably calling but not happily. Even is he just calls, the turn will be very difficult to play as all clubs and high cards (with the exception of aces) are awkward. I therefore decided on a check/call line, which was also far from ideal…


Last chance to see a replay of Ed Miller's free Excelling webinar

D&B Poker | 21 January 2016 |

If you missed Ed Miller’s Excelling webinar, you have until Friday to watch the replay

Ed Miller Excelling webinar


Confidence by Byron Jacobs

D&B Poker | 19 January 2016 |

There has recently been some online discussion in poker forums regarding the importance of confidence. There seem to be two schools of thought. The first school says that confidence is clearly important for your game and finding ways to achieve and maintain it while playing is important. There is much material on this subject in Positive Poker by Patricia Cardner and Jonathan Little. The alternative school claims that confidence is entirely irrelevant and playing correct technical poker is the only thing that matters.

The very existence of the debate slightly surprised me as I’d always assumed that confidence was important and had never really considered that it might not be. However, having looked at the arguments, I haven’t changed my mind. It seems to me that there are certain moments in poker where being confident in one’s perception of ranges, styles etc is very important to maximise one’s EV.

A typical example is light three-betting pre-flop. In all forms of poker there are moments when this instinctively feels like the most +EV play. However, I know that I have certainly shied away from making the play in situations where I simply don’t feel as confident as I’d like in my post-flop play (especially if playing out of position). After all, light three-betting tends to bloat the pot when you have a marginal hand, which is uncomfortable when you lack confidence in your ability to make correct decisions in tough post-flop spots.


Be a part of Peak Poker Performance

D&B Poker | 29 December 2015 |

How would you like to be a part of Dr. Patricia Cardner’s next book?

We are going to devote one entire chapter of, ‘Peak Poker Performance’ to reader’s questions.

Between now and the end of February I would ask you to submit your questions to D&B Poker ( on the subject of poker psychology. The questions will then be forwarded to Patricia and she will choose the best 10 and respond to them in the book.

Everyone who has their question published in ‘Peak Poker Performance’ will receive a signed copy of the book and the very best question chosen by Patricia will receive a 30 minute consultation with Patricia via Skype.


Last chance to see the first Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em free webinar

D&B Poker | 10 December 2015 |

If you missed the first Excelling Value Betting webinar, you have until Sunday to watch the replay. Simply click below”


Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em webinars to start tomorrow (3rd December)

D&B Poker | 02 December 2015 |

The first of 17 FREE webinars will be hosted tomorrow.

Full details can be found HERE

The first one will be hosted by Jonathan Little.