Moorman's Book of Poker Video

Chris Moorman, Byron Jacobs


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Moormans’ Book of Poker has received widespread critical acclaim as an excellent guide to how an elite poker player analyses at the table. The video version brings this analysis to life as the exact situation being discussed is represented at all times on screen. Thus the viewer can focus directly on the play whilst listening to Chris Moorman’s thought processes while he’s weighing up the information available and deciding which line to take.

The video consists of 8 videos with a total viewing time of 8 hours and 17 minutes.

Each video features 10 hands taken from the book. The videos all follow the format you can see in the preview. All 80 hands from the book are included and all the analysis and explanations given in the book are replicated in the video.

The video is voiced by Chris’ co-author - Byron Jacobs and there is an introduction by Chris Moorman.

If you enjoyed the book, you’ll love the video!

If you have already bought the paperback or ebook, from any source, just email proof of purchase (receipt) to [email protected] and in return you will receive a discount code to get 15% DISCOUNT off the video.

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01 December 2015
Video length
8 hours and 17 minutes
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382 MB
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