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Our own interview with Mike Sexton

31/10/2019 by D&B Poker

Over four decades of your life in poker are covered in Life’s A Gamble, and now you are seeing the publishing of the French version. Is there a particular emotion that you feel when a new adventure begins?

It’s cool to see poker has grown so much globally that books that are poker related are now being transformed into different languages. And for me, French has got to be #1 as I have so many fond memories of poker in France. I travelled there when poker launched in France at the Aviation Club in the 90’s, I won the biggest tourn in the history of Europe at that time (Grand Prix de Paris in 2000), and our most popular WPT shows were our final tables from the Aviation Club in Paris. Merci.

Looking back to when you started writing Life’s A Gamble - what was the first reason you wanted to put your story on paper? Some people feel the need to analyse their lives, others to share their story with as many people as possible … what was the primary reason for you?

My primary reason was because so many people who knew me said, “You have so many stories. You are the link between the old school and the new school and if you don’t tell these stories, they will never get told.

What has, for you, been the most interesting aspect of the feedback you have received since this book was published.

Most enjoy the chapters on the iconic poker legends - Stu Ungar, Puggy Pearson, Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, & Billy Baxter but others are ‘wowed’ about the partypoker story and the enormous success it had.

If you had to give the five highlights of your book to entice people to want to discover your work, which ones would they be?

If you like golf, poker, reading about poker legends, the history of the WSOP, learning about the “Coca-Cola of online poker” (partypoker), and/or fun gambling stories, you’ll thoroughly enjoy “Life’s a Gamble”.

Final question – off the top of your head, what do you think are the five most important events in the history of poker? Also, what do you think are the five funniest moments and which five players do you rate as the best of all time.

1) WSOP 2) WPT 3) Online Poker 4) EPT and 5) Me creating Poker’s Tournament of Champions (which led to my jobs with partypoker & the WPT) - which is actually #1 to me.

Greatest players: Stu Ungar for NLH, Chip Reese for mixed games, and Phil Ivey for the combo of tournaments, cash games, & online poker.