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Suits You Sir!
- a competition to win a $30 D&B voucher

14/12/2018 by Byron Jacobs

We have been producing poker books at D&B for around 15 years. I have organised, laid out and typeset all of these poker books. I have also edited and proofread a lot of them.

In that time there is one thing I have noticed that consistently happens when authors generate hands to illustrate points under discussion. They (usually) have to choose suits for the cards and, when they do, there seems to be a definite order of preference as to whether they choose clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades (I have listed these alphabetically so as not to give the game away!) In fact I am certain that a general preference exists (and I know the order of preference) because I have written macros to convert all the, for example, “c” for clubs into club symbols. When I run these macros they tell me how many of each suit has been converted.

So, what is the order of preference? Make an educated guess and send us your suggestions. Furthermore, show us what a brilliant psychologist (or potential Sherlock Holmes) you are by writing a line or two that explains why you think this preference exists.

Everyone who gets it right (or gets close if we’re feeling generous – and we might well be, as it’s the season of good will) and supplies a good explanation will get it published in our magazine and win a $30 voucher to spend at D&B.