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If there was no betting in poker and players were forced to go all-in every hand, the expected value for each player would be their hand equity times the pot.


Example: In a gambling HU game each player has to ante $100, and there is no future betting, Player1 gets dealt 44, and player gets 98 What is each player’s expected payoff?


Encouraging a Tell

Here at D&B we are very excited about the new book (Excelling at Live Poker) that Alex Fitzgerald is currently working on. Alex’s previous book, The Myth of Poker Talent received rave reviews and explained in great detail exactly how poker situations should be analysed.


I was recently told about a hand from one of my students that illustrates a detrimental flaw in the strategy of many amateur poker players. In a $20 buy-in online tournament with blinds at 20/40 with a 5 ante, everyone folded to a tight, aggressive player in middle position who raised to 80 out of his 1,200 effective stack. Our Hero decided to call on the button with 98. Everyone else folded.

Game Theory Non-Optimal Play

With the current availability of powerful poker solvers such as PokerSnowie and Pio Solver, much poker theory nowadays revolves around Game Theory Optimal (GTO) play. These are all good and fine for establishing a solid baseline to play from. However, sticking rigidly to a GTO-style could mean that you are missing out on some very profitable opportunities.


03/05/2018 by Patricia Cardner

Dr. Patricia discusses 4 psychological assets that will increase your poker performance

Slow Playing Gone Wrong

I was recently told about a hand that illustrates why slow playing is such a bad strategy. In a $2/$5 cash game, everyone folded around to a really tight old guy who limped for $5 out of his $1,300 effective stack. Hero decided to raise to $15 with AA

Bet Sizing - Part 1

Proper bet sizing is one of the trickiest aspects of No-Limit hold’em. It’s what makes no-limit poker so much more complicated than fixed-limit. As a poker coach, the question I get asked about most often is about bet sizing. “I know I should bet here, I just don’t know how much to bet.”

While a complete discussion of bet sizing is beyond the scope of this article, there are a few general tips I can give. The most important part of good bet sizing is being goal oriented. We have to first think about what we’re trying to accomplish, who our opponents are, and then arriving at the proper bet size is simple.

The Wrong Way to Play Trips

I was recently told about a hand from a $50 buy-in online tournament that illustrates a common mistake many recreational players make on a regular basis. With blinds at 30/60 with a 5 ante, everyone folded to our Hero in the cutoff who raised to 150 out of his 1,600 effective stack with A8. Unknown players on the button and big blind called.

The flop came 988 , giving Hero trips. The pot was 510 with 1,450 remaining in the stacks. The big blind checked and Hero checked as well.

Mastering Mixed Games

One of our major books for summer publication will be Mastering Mixed Games by David Macklin. Mixed games comprise all the weird and wonderful poker variants such as Omaha 8, Stud, Triple Draw, 2-7 lowball etc. Analysing and playing these fascinating games can make a refreshing change from endless NL hold’em.

Since they are nevertheless poker games many of the concepts already familiar from hold’em apply to these variants but the unusual structure of the games means that these concepts must be adjusted. Here is how David Macklin introduces the theme of hand selection in Omaha 8 and also warns against the typical recreational player sin of playing too loose.

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Hand Analysis From WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open

You’re sitting in the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. Many players are raise/calling goofy hands out of position. 5 4, K T. You haven’t had many hands go your way.

You get dealt Jacks UTG+2. The blinds are 250/500. You open to 1700.

It gets folded around to a Latino gentleman in the big blind. He has played 30% of the hands during the day, but he limps generally. He likes to call preflop when someone else raises, and then calls when someone squeezes.

He looks at your raise and asks the dealer quietly, “how much is it?”

He then stamps out 5800 and stares you down.

You have 22K in your stack.

What do you do?

(Actually come up with an answer before you scroll down. It makes the learning process more fun and memorable).

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