In this series of PokerSnowie hand history reviews, Byron Jacobs and Jonathan Little discuss an interesting spot that Byron played that Snowie disagrees with. Jonathan usually figures out why Snowie chose its play, but even he is sometimes stumped. This week, Byron and Jonathan discuss playing middle pair when lots of draws miss on the river.

Two Blunders in One Hand

I was recently told about a hand from an amateur poker player that illustrates two detrimental mistakes that many amateur players make on a regular basis.

In a $1/$3 cash game, a tight, solid player raised to $20 out of his $800 effective from third position at a nine-handed table. An unknown player in the cutoff called. Our Hero decided to call with 9d-8h from the big blind.

The Sporting Life - Life's a Gamble Excerpt

The mark of a top player is not how much he wins when he is winning, but how he handles his losses._

~ Bobby Baldwin

In my young years, it seemed that Danny Robison was as much of an influence on me as were my brother and my parents. Not only was Danny a fast talker and a gambler extraordinaire, he was a great athlete. He was the number-one man as a sophomore on the Fairmont High School golf team that won the Ohio High School State Championship, and upon graduation received a golf scholarship to Ohio University.

Dr. Patricia Cardner explains the keys to setting goals effectively.

We are delighted to announce that D&B Poker has launched a weekly magazine that will appeal to everyone who enjoys our books and other products. We are also very pleased that renowned author and poker professional Jonathan Little has agreed to be editor-in-chief. Numerous D&B authors will be supplying educational content in various formats that explains and amplifies topics that appear in their existing books or books that are currently being written.

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