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“Terry and Lawrence bring style and new insight to the shorthanded game. Their book is a must for any ‘killer’ poker player.”

John Vorhaus, Author of the Killer Poker series.

Short-handed games are extremely profitable and fun to play. Terry Borer and Lawrence Mak - two short-handed experts, and Barry Tanenbaum - one of America’s top poker coaches, will teach you how to dominate the short-handed tables, both live and on-line.

You will learn:

  • How to optimize your strategies for 6-handed, 3-handed, and even heads-up play.
  • How to play every street at an expert level.
  • How to select your site, limit and seat for maximum profit.
  • How to master the mental game and cope with the swings of short-handed play.
  • How to exploit bonuses and get the most rakeback for your time.
  • How to use poker software and statistics to maximize your profits.

By carefully studying the 245 quiz questions and examples in this book you will improve your game and be able to dominate and control your table.

Terry and Lawrence have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing on-line - exclusively in short-handed cash games. They have also consulted for an online gambling and poker website. Now they pass on their knowledge to you.

Barry, author of Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy and regular Card Player columnist, has been a full time professional for many years and is widely acknowledged as a top poker coach and teacher.

If you play shorthanded limit hold ‘em you need to get this book. Honestly, I have read over 70 poker books and this is the best material ever published on the subject of shorthanded limit play. Forget “Hold em for advanced players”, King Yao, even one of my personal favorites, Matt Maroon’s “Winning Texas Hold ‘em” which has a good section on shorthanded play, etc etc- they are obsolete after this. Comparing any previous work on this subject with this new D&B offering is like comparing a three page pamphlet to a totally comprehensive, high quality text book. The authors have taken on a monumental task in attempting to write a book on this subject and they have just excelled. This is the new bible of short play and is probably one of the best, and most important poker books ever written although being that we are spoiled for selection nowadays, it may not get as much recognition as it deserves which is a tragedy. If you play this game you must get this book. My only concern is that it will certainly make the short limit games even harder to beat. EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of short play is covered in explicit detail- NOTHING is left out of this one.
In case anyone thinks I am being over the top or am affiliated with the authors in some way- I’m not. This is one of the best poker books I’ve ever read. Period. I’m actually a bit blown away by this book, I had high expectations when I heard about it over a year ago and it has exceeded them by far. Phenomenal stuff- Lawrence, Terry, Barry and D&B have released a classic- congratulations guys.

Ad-Man on

I am not a limit guy at all, but knowing the short-handed game in general is a major goal of mine so that is why I picked up this book. A ton of the players I know have been talking about and making posts regarding Winning Short-handed Strategies for the past month. Just about everything they said has been really positive. So, I took a chance on it. I have just finished it and the one thing I have to say is that it lives up to its hype. The authors tell you just about everything you need to know about short-handed limit. The game itself is a product of online play and that is where you will need to log in if you want to perfect your craft. Incidentally, this is the best D&B book I have ever read. They seem to be a company on the rise. This offering is as good as what the masters, Two Plus Two, normally put out.

Bernard Chapin on

Borer et al. have created an excellent resource and an indispensable guide to improving short-handed Limit Hold’em play. Their book is very well written. The skilled Limit Hold’em player will find herself going back to it for reference on a repeated basis. The back cover promises to help you “dominate and control your table,” and while the book may be an intensive read, it’s easy to see how it could deliver just that result.