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There are numerous variants of Poker but the most popular, both in cardrooms and on-line, is Limit Hold ‘em. There are literally thousands of tables permanently available on-line and anyone who wants a game can play anywhere in the world at any time.

This book will be of tremendous value to anyone who has some experience of Limit Hold’Em and is looking to improve their understanding of this exciting game. The material is presented in a novel test-yourself format, which simulates live action play by inviting the reader to consider the best course of action at each stage of a hand. All features of the game are discussed within the hands and readers can assess their understanding by comparing their decisions with those of the experts.

  • Limit Hold’em is the most popular form of Poker
  • Highly entertaining and instructive test-yourself format
  • Ideal primer for both on-line and live action players

Not only is the advice and thought process consistently good, but he asks the right questions. He probes the key areas where people lose most of their money, and his scoring system reflects the fact that he knows these are the most important areas. I give it 10/10.

Ed Miller, noted poker authority and best-selling author

A very good way to check your Limit Hold’em game.

“How Good Is Your Limit Hold ‘Em” is an excellent manual for analyzing your game and your reactions at the table, be it online or in the casinos. The situations were realistic and a challenge to your poker playing mind.

This is a very good question-and-answer type of book on the play of hands. Most of the advice in this book is simply of very high quality - which is exactly the reason why I have chosen to rate this book an 8 (out of 10) . What you can find here is a good and much more in-depth analysis than in almost any other (similar) hold’em book or article.

Rolf "Ace" Slotboom