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As well as being a highly successful online and live player, Alex Fitzgerald is widely regarded as the world’s greatest poker coach. Over a ten-year period, Alex has worked with over 1000 players of all levels, experience, and ability. This gives him a unique insight into how players of all standards think about and approach the game. More importantly, Alex—more than anyone else in the game—understands what players need to do to improve.

Alex’s first book, The Myth of Poker Talent, was highly successful in articulating exactly why anyone can become a seriously good player. It also debunked the myth that some mysterious innate talent is needed and showed exactly how hard work can get you there. The target market of The Myth of Poker Talent was mainly online players. Now, with Excelling at Live Poker, Alex is reaching out to players who play most or much of their poker in the live arena. Although a solid understanding of poker theory is essential for playing both live and online, live play requires a quite different skill set to playing online. Alex discusses in great depth the different approach needed and identifies specific areas where players need to focus their attention in live play. Topics include:

  • The theory of playing live
  • Identifying and exploiting weak opponents
  • Bubble and final table strategy
  • How to pay attention in live tournaments