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No Limit Hold’em is a tough game to play well which is why it is the game of choice for the high-stakes pros.

Unless a player has the table covered then at any moment their entire stack is vulnerable. The key to NLHE is understanding and exploiting this fact. Dominate No-Limit Hold’em will reveal the key plays that will enable you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Daniel Ashman is a highly successful NLHE high-stakes player. In this book he reveals how the very best players think about the game and discusses many advanced concepts.

There are great rewards in NLHE for the successful players. If you want a piece of the action you need Dominate No-Limit Hold’em.

  • The basic ideas and math behind NLHE
  • The psychology behind hand reading
  • The skills to understand strategic play in NLHE
  • How to understand and learn from real life high-stakes hands
  • How to make sure you understand the concepts involved in NLHE

…plus much more!

What should you expect to take away from Dominate No-Limit Hold’em? That all depends on your current skill level:
A new player will definitely benefit the most from Dominate No-Limit Holdem, and could probably read the book three or four times and come away with new insights at each reading.
A mid-level slight-winner/break-even type player will definitely find this book to be a leak-plugger, and will likely walk away with a few new ideas on different concepts thanks to Ashman’s way of neatly explaining convoluted concepts.
A solid winning player would likely view the text as more of a refresher course, coming away with a few new ways of explaining different concepts in a more simplified manner. As well as getting an insight into the thought processes of another winning player.

This book is full of great reasonings and a goldmine if you want to improve… this book contains great value information, so much more than 95% of other poker books.