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So you want to play poker.

Maybe it’s the challenge. Maybe it’s the cash. Maybe you’re turned on by guys in hoodies and sunglasses. Whatever the reason, if you’re a girl – or guy! – who wants to learn poker, then this book is handier than your high school cheat sheet.

Learn everything from insider poker lingo (bluff! checkraise! snapcall!) to fancy winning plays with the help of easy-to-read mini-chapters and quizzes. Most poker books read like a math textbook. This one reads like Cosmo.

The only poker book that teaches card playing strategy and how to bluff your boyfriend, A Girl’s Guide to Poker will make you the belle of the ball – or the cardshark of the casino.

Amanda Botfeld isn’t your average poker player – how many hold their cards with a red nail polish manicure? Not enough! Nicknamed the Bridget Jones of poker, she seeks to turn the tables for women everywhere, writing a sassy how-to guide so more women can join the game. A writer at heart, her work has previously been published in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Huffington Post.

If you’re a newcomer to the game, whoever you are, A Girl’s Guide to Poker is a book that you should have your eyes on. It will help to educate you on several aspects of the game, from bet sizing to putting your opponent on a range of hands (and the reasoning behind it) to bluff catching (yes, Botfeld does step into some more in-depth material in the latter third of the book). But if you’re looking for some entertainment as well, Amanda Botfeld’s A Girl’s Guide to Poker will leave you with a good feeling – and sometimes that’s what we need when we’re getting educated!

Earl Burton,

A Girl’s Guide to Poker makes learning poker fun, inviting beginners to enjoy the process while still teaching more advanced concepts. Amanda’s writing keeps things fresh and accessible and she peppers in engaging interactive elements (such as quizzes) throughout the book. For anyone who wants to learn poker, this is a great place to begin.

The Poker Guys (Grant Denison and Jonathan Levy)

Amanda Botfeld’s A Girl’s Guide to Poker is a fabulous book!

If I had to summarize my feelings about the book (which I should do since I just brought it up), I would say that it’s an easy but thorough read. She breaks down complicated concepts into parts of a story that she tells to a friend. And she makes it all fun.

Jennifer Newell,