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Our own interview with Dylan Linde

20/11/2019 by D&B Poker

We recently interviewed Dylan Linde about his life in poker and about his book. Here are his responses to the seven questions we asked him:

  • Dylan, about 15 years ago, you decided to start a professional career as a poker player. What was the turning point that made you consider that making a living from poker was viable?

There was a point where I was taking poker as seriously as the other games I was playing competitively (Magic: The Gathering and Tekken Tag) but started making real money at it. One Christmas break my roommate Kevin MacPhee made $10,000 on PartyPoker and that was the first inkling that I could do this as well. That next semester I made as much at online poker as I would have in a year of being a teacher (my college target career at that point) so I decided to give it a go.

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18/11/2019 by D&B Poker

D&B again top the gift guide recommendations on PokerNews

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Nothing better than a D&B book at xmas!


Modern Poker Theory - corrected pages

08/11/2019 by D&B Poker

A pdf is now available to download from our site on the boo page HERE

All purchasers of the ebook from our site will get sent a new link. Those that bought the ebook from other online retailers will also receive a new version.


FossilMan's Winning Tournament Strategies Audiobook - NOW AVAILABLE

01/11/2019 by D&B Poker

Greg Audio

Full details can be found here:

Full details can be found HERE


Our own interview with Mike Sexton

31/10/2019 by D&B Poker

Over four decades of your life in poker are covered in Life’s A Gamble, and now you are seeing the publishing of the French version. Is there a particular emotion that you feel when a new adventure begins?

It’s cool to see poker has grown so much globally that books that are poker related are now being transformed into different languages. And for me, French has got to be #1 as I have so many fond memories of poker in France. I travelled there when poker launched in France at the Aviation Club in the 90’s, I won the biggest tourn in the history of Europe at that time (Grand Prix de Paris in 2000), and our most popular WPT shows were our final tables from the Aviation Club in Paris. Merci.