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Qui Nguyen

18 January 2017 |

The story of Qui Nguyen's amazing victory at the 2016 Main Event will be told in his book which will be publishing in November. Full details are now available on our website, and you can also pre-order the ebook if you wish: From Vietnam to Vegas!


PLO Puzzle - get 20% off our PLO products (ebooks & videos)

06 December 2016 |


Your chance to get 20% of all our PLO products - just answer the question in the video and then email [email protected] with the answer.

If you get the answer correct we'll send you a coupon code which you simply enter when you checkout.

Closing date - Monday 12th December.


Using the Matthias Pum PLO HUD by Byron Jacobs

D&B Poker | 10 October 2016 |

Over the past year or so I’ve been focusing on improving my PLO cash play. Happily this has coincided with the production of two D&B PLO books, Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha and Strategies to Beat Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha, which has been very timely.

The latter of these books, written by pokerstrategy coach Matthias Pum, can be purchased along with a video pack and a HUD (with versions for either PokerTracker or Hold em Manager). If you play PLO at all seriously, you should strongly consider purchasing the HUD, either on its own, or as part of the special offer pack. The HUD is very well constructed with numerous helpful pop-ups and gives instant access to key information. It will hugely increase your EV once you install it and find your way around all the key information it holds. Here is an example from a hand I played earlier this week.

Playing $1-$2, 55bb deep, I open to $5 from the button with Kspade-2spade-Qclub-5club. The aggressive villain (the HUD tells me this) in the small blind raises to $17 and the big blind folds. The HUD immediately gives me some important information about the Villain’s range:

The top left figure (8.3) is the overall 3-bet range. This is further broken down from a pop-up as follows:


The Myth of Poker Talent - video sneek peek

D&B Poker | 06 September 2016 |

I’ve made a short video giving a first look at The Myth of Poker Talent by Alexander Fitzgerald.


Almost 1 in 5

D&B Poker | 20 August 2016 |

19 of the top 100 poker bestselling products on currently are published by D&B Poker. Thank you to everyone who buys our products!!


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